04 Jun 2015

Villani&Co. realizes an area for gastronomic delights of Lazio

Villani&Co. inaugurates the 18th shop of the ' Terminal del Gusto ' of Campagna Amica.

This space will show off the gastronomic delights of Lazio. This initiative, which engages the port of Civitavecchia, Coldiretti, the Municipality of Civitavecchia and Buono s.r.l., has joined all the companies present in the Terminal .


03 Oct 2018

Villani&Co organized a space for the 'Compliance Council', an ethical business convention for manage...

21 Sep 2018

Villani&Co took part in Salone Nautico of Genova from 20 to 25 Semptember 2018 with a stand for Zodiac MilPr...

04 Jul 2018

Villani&Co has made a new graphic work: brochure for Aiscat.

27 Jun 2018

Villani&Co took part in Seafuture 2018 with a stand for Ferretti Group.

Seafuture in an event in w...